Birthday birds

Yesterday I received my birthday present (from me to me ^^). Just look at it, isn't it amazing? These birdhouse project bags are lovingly handmade by the lovely Rachel and you can buy them here. Special thanks to Rachel for getting it to me so quick! They sell as fast as she can make them, so it's an achievement to be quick enough to order one. I love the size, it's not too big to carry around but large enough to hold a sweater in the making. The fabric is really nice too, soft but it feels like it will stand up to some wear and tear. And it's padded, so it's a really soft bed for your cherished yarn :D

I already put it to work :) What you can see peeping through is my green lacey scarf in Chestnut Cabin's That Yakkie Singles. It's a gorgeous luxurious yarn with merino, silk and yak and it's the softest yarn I've ever cuddled with. And the colour, wow! I'm still not sure whether it'll look good on me but I'm just loving this colour. Andrea, the driving force behind Chestnut Cabin, is a genius with colours. The pattern I'm using is this one. It's a simple pattern with one third leafy lace and the rest is eyelet lace. It needs blocking before the pattern shows up clearly, but one can almost see it appearing...

Image by TinCanKnits

Quick post, I'll update you some more on my WIP's in the coming week and I'll also dye another skein somewhere in the next few days :)