Time to dye!

Sounds quite ominous, doesn't it? Might be because I just watched the new Star Wars trailer...

So, I dyed the first Bart&Francis merino skein last night! I used the colour Pacific from the Elements range of Landscape dyes. I set out to achieve a semi solid colour.

Things you'll need: dye, measuring spoons, a cooking pot, some plastic tongs (or something to grab the yarn with) and some gloves. I'm also duty bound to inform you to use a dust mask! Please read the 'dyeing' page to the left for more info on prep and materials.

I soaked the yarn overnight in just water, no added vinegar. The acid is already added to the pigment and there is no need to add any extra. I filled the pot about half way, so not too much water but just enough to cover the yarn. I added one teaspoon of dye, so less than recommended for a full shade, and stirred a bit to make sure all the powder dissolved. I gently put the yarn in and then didn't touch it again. I turned on the heat, popped on the lid and waited for it to start simmering. I then turned the heat low to maintain the temperature, leaving it to simmer with the lid on for about 30 minutes. After that time the water should be clear and all the dye exhausted.

I let it sit and cool down completely in the pot, then I rinsed it and gave it a soak in wool wash. It's an amazing colour but difficult to capture. Here are the pictures after it dried:

One thing's for sure: it's quite different from the colour on the Landscape dyes overview sheet. It looked more blue in the pot and looks more green dried. It's now a definitely Pacific minded bluish green and I think it's gorgeous! What do you think?  I'll be using this for the swap, probably :) I have another skein on the stove right now, so stay tuned for another post tomorrow!

Image via: @colourspeak_kerry_