What's happening

Cheesecake and yarn at the yarn lounge (at Sticks&Cups) yesterday! I brought along the oreo cookie cheesecake because it's my birthday this Saturday :) It's always really nice there, do come round whenever you find yourself in Utrecht on Thursday nights!

I'd cast on my sky&oceans dyed yarn on Wednesday and made headway last night with the first cabling. The stitch definition is great, and I'm loving the colour! It's light and subtle so it'll make the cables pop. I'll post about this project (with loads of pics ofcourse) next week! Here's a quick phone pic:

I'm also working on a crochet bag in Scheepjes Olifantje. It's for a competition organised by Sticks&Cups, the winner of the competition will be announced at their Beltane Yarn Festival. This is on the 13th&14th of May at the shop in Utrecht! It's going to be great with a meet&greet with the Greek indiedyer Treliz (her gorgeous yarns are hanging in the shop right now), a spinning joinalong / workshop, cupcakes (hopefully, I'll probably bake them), and much more yarn related party stuff!
      The pattern I used is this one: tapestry crochet wallet. I cast on 142 stitches, but lost one somewhere early on... So now one side has two edge stitches and the other only one. Well, it folds sharply luckily so it doesn't show. (Why did I tell you then ?!) It's growing steadily, even though I didn't spend much time on it. I love how quick crochet is :) I cast on April 6th and I'm almost finished now. I really like the pattern, it's really easy but looks great. I'll crochet some handles so it'll be a handy bag instead of a wallet (I increased the size of the original pattern anyway).

The beginning
Today :)

What I also did yesterday: I signed up for a workshop 'dyeing a long colour gradient' by the amazing Loret Karman! It's given during the knitting&crocheting festival (19th&20th of May) in the little town of Nieuwpoort ZH. There's loads to do in the entire town, so mark it up in your agenda!