Yummy new yarn

Look what I just picked up! It's a package from Bart&Francis all the way from Belgium. To promote their yarn they organised a swap on a particularly nice and chatty Ravelry group. You pay for shipping, then you dye the yarn and make something with it for your swap buddy! The entire process of receiving, dyeing, making and sending is shared on the group, the surprise is that no one reveals their swap buddy. So it's a mystery what I will receive come beginning of June :)

About the yarn. It's a lovely soft but sturdy 100% merino fingering weight with a fancy thread construction. It's composed of eight perfectly spun threads making the final thread perfectly round and smooth. Read more about it here. All I can say about it is, it's amazing! I ordered three skeins, one for the swap and two for myself. I can't wait to start dyeing it, which will probably be Monday or Tuesday.

I'm also already combing through Ravelry ofcourse to get some inspiration on what to make for my swap buddy. A skein is 350 meters so there's plenty of options: a scarf, a shawl, a hat, gloves, socks, leg warmers, a tea cosy, pot holders... I did decide on something you wear next to your face or neck. My latest favourite pattern is this:

Photos by Verity Britton
Photos by Verity Britton

The roundness and twine of the yarn makes me think it'd be perfect for cables. And I just love how sophisticated this set is. If I settle on this pattern I'm thinking I won't have time for the gloves, since the comments indicate the cables are pretty time consuming to get right... But we'll see :)

Bart&Francis added an extra surprise: a skein of ultra soft Suri Alpaca! Thanks so much, it's a dream so soft! This means a lace scarf has to be cast on after this swap.... I'm thinking a lovely golden semi solid....

Keep an eye out for the dyeing early next week and have a lovely Easter weekend!