Yarn everywhere

Sorry folks for disappearing for a while, I went on a holiday! More about that later in this post ;) And I kind of got swamped by all the work piling up...

First of all: the Sticks&Cups yarn party on de 13th&14th of May! It was great fun, with lots of people coming for a look and a cupcake. On Sunday there was a spinning workshop.

And I'm proud to say: my crochet Olifantje bag won the competition! Here's the project page with info on the pattern and the adjustments I made :)

First prize was a skein of Manos del Uruguay Marina, and I picked this gorgeous deep red colour:

Because I baked all those cupcakes (all 72 of them), Lilli insisted I pick out two more skeins for the effort. Entirely unnecessary, but who am I to say no to yarn? I picked this beautiful silky merino handdyed by TreLiz and as soon as she gets new Scheepjes Whirl, I can pick one out.

I'm thinking of this awesome mandala cardigan by LillaBjörn Crochet made with one Whirl cake. I'm still not sure which colour I'll pick, right now I'm leaning towards Green Tea Tipple or Strawberries and Scream (I just love the names by the way, talented marketing team over there).

Whirl Mandala Cardigan - FREE crochet pattern by Lilla Bjorn
Pictures by LillaBj√∂rnCrochet 

So, about my holiday. I went to Gdansk (in Poland, on the coast). Mainly because of how ridiculously cheap the tickets and hostel were, but I fell in love with this charming city. There's loads to explore, the locals are really friendly and (perhaps unexpectedly) the Polish cuisine is great! I found these great hats in Sopot, they're handmade by a lovely lady and her friends and she sells them at a stall on the boulevard.

So, that was a quick update on the past few weeks! I have dyed a skein a few days ago, so stay tuned for the post on that! Here are some non-knitting related pretty pictures of Gdansk :) As soon as I finish processing all of them I'll post a Flickr link.