Crafty Knits goes to Etsy!

Hey everyone! Crafty Knits is back and building a brand! I've been busy dyeing yarn, building stock and prepping everything for an Etsy shop. This blog post launches the social media campaign :D

I've already dyed a batch which has mostly sold to friends. New stock is on it's way! Here is the important bit: Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th of May, at the Sticks&Cups yarn festival, I will launch my brand. The Etsy store will open Tuesday the 22nd of May.

What kind of yarn bases will I have? Well, definitely very, very soft fingering yarn of 75% merino and 25% nylon. Ten colours in dyebaths of 4 skeins, the colours will vary with each update. Next to that I will have some luxurious yarns, such as yak and camel yarns, which will vary according to the season and what I'm in the mood for when ordering yarn :)

My first degree in geology has been the inspiration for the names and the colourways. For example, my yarn bases are called after orogenic events. And those are mountain building events! Perhaps the best known is the Alpine Orogeny, which built the Alps and Pyrenees, to name a few. It is still ongoing, most of the described mountain building events took place millions or even billions of years in the past. The Caledonian Orogeny, for example, built the mountains (now eroded to tall hills) in Scotland and parts of Norway around 400 million years ago.  The colourways I all named after minerals. I'll post a blog post later on with some more in depth information for those interested. For now, I hope you're still with me ;)

So, I hope to see you either at the 19th or 20th of May or in my Etsy shop from the 22nd of May (link will follow!). Until then, keep an eye on this blog or my Instagram (@crafty_knits) for sneak peeks of the proceedings!