As you may have seen on my Instagram, I have a little case of casting on a lot of new projects while I still have loads of WIP's lying around... I thought I'd round them up in a blog post, make myself aware of just how much there is left to finish and give you an overview of all the patterns and yarns ^^

Here goes, first one:

Ribbed lace scarf, by Churchmouse Yarn and Teas. Knit with two strands of my Kibaran lace held together, the colour is Red Ochre. This one is going to be SO SOFT AND SQUISHY. The pattern is simple so it knits up really quickly :)

Fishwives lace shoal, by JenJoyce design. Knit with Rico creative melange lace and Scheepjes mohair rhythm held together; colours are Ecru mix (5) and Bop. I cast this one on spontaneously after I couldn't find a light, neutral scarf in my basket of FO's... Loving the pattern (so imaginative!) and the combination of yarns.

Terrabonne, by Taiga Hilliard Designs. Knit with Onion Knit organic cotton; colours are 109, 112, 126. I love this one for the clever design, simple colour blocks and stripes but it makes for a gorgeous shawl! I am making it quite a lot bigger than the original pattern.

Caramel, by Corinna Tengler. Knit with scheepjes Whirl and Scheepjes Stonewashed held together; colours are Caramel Core Blimey and Axinite. This is going to be one amazing shlanket :D

Moon tide scarf, by Yuli Nilssen. Crocheted with Rico cotton silk cashmere DK; colours are Pink, Blue gray and Patina. This is my public transport project, so it's not really progressing any ;) There are going to be three colours of pineapples, crocheted together as each ribbon is made.

Snow in May, by Suvi Simola. Knit with Manos del Uruguay Serena, a blend of alpaca and cotton. My sister has been waiting for this cardigan for A LONG time, haha. It's a bit tedious at the moment, rows and rows of plain stockinette back and forth with a slippery yarn.... It will be gorgeous once finished, though :)

And then there is ofcourse the dreaded bottom of the basket... Half forgotten projects cast on years ago and never finished... I think I'll leave those where they are ;) I hope you enjoyed seeing these WIP's! Next post will be on my summer holiday and all the yarny souvenirs ^^